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Model Selection Guide

  • Film Package plan


    In our daily life, we can often see all kinds of film packaging, such as electronic product boxes, cosmetics and so on. Today, we will share a project about film packaging.First of all, we need to measure the size of our products, and then tell the manufacturer of this size, and they will recommend Read More
  • Bottle water packaging plan


    Bottle is a common container. We can often see various bottled products in supermarkets, such as bottled drinks, detergent, etc., so today I want to share a packaging plan for bottled products. First, we need to determine the size and capacity of the products we want to produce. Usually they will re Read More
  • Yogurt packaging plan


    Yogurt is a very popular product in the market of various countries. Today I will share an article on the packaging scheme of yogurt.To package yogurt, we first need to determine the capacity of the product. A yogurt product generally has two different capacities for customers to choose from. After Read More
  • What is the reason for the wide application of heat shrinking packing machines?


    The shrinking packing machine is a highly automated equipment. This product is widely used in medicine, daily needs, food and beverage as well as household chemicals. The application of heat shrinking packing machine can significantly reduce the material and labor cost for packaging in medium carton Read More
  • What does shrinking packing machine mean?


    shrinking packing machine is one of the most advanced packaging methods on the market. In addition to its own advantages, it can also reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen; It is suitable for dense packaging with multiple items and pallet packaging. If you want to know more Read More
  • What are the reasons for the popularity of shrinking packing machines in the market?


    The shrinking packing machine uses the most advanced hot air circulation technology and regulates the temperature via an automatic temperature controller, which is highly efficient and energy saving. It is widely used in single, collective or combined packaging of food, beverage, medicine, daily che Read More
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