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Model Selection Guide

  • What are the conveniences by the filling sealing packaging machine to our lives?


    There are many conveniences created by the usage of a filling sealing packaging machine for us1.The package can be designed according to the requirements of packing material shape, size, and production specifications2.If the dust is serious or the products is harmful by manual packaging would endang Read More

  • Advantages and disadvantages of four side seal packaging machine and three side seal packaging machine


    It is not easy to choose a 4 side seal pouch package or 3 side seal one for unique customer’s product,now let us have some hints below to introduce this two packages for everybody references:1.Four side seal package means the packing way that 4 sides of pouch heat sealed after machine bag forming,co Read More

  • How to choose the right liquid packaging machine for yourself


    Hongzhan liquid packaging machines available models from small,medium and big ones for all kinds of business scales.Our machines are widely used in packaging liquid products, such as beverage , dairy and viscous, liquid cleaning products and personal care packaging etc.Below are key points to choos Read More