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Bottle water packaging plan

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Bottle water packaging plan

Bottle is a common container. We can often see various bottled products in supermarkets, such as bottled drinks, detergent, etc., so today I want to share a packaging plan for bottled products.

First, we need to determine the size and capacity of the products we want to produce. Usually they will recommend their existing bottle style to you, but if you want to make your product different, you can also let them customize according to your requirements.

Once you have determined the bottle style, you can go to the packaging machine manufacturer and ask them to design a packaging scheme for you and make a quotation. At this time, you need to estimate your sales volume at this stage. If you feel that your sales volume is just at the beginning, is not high, and will not be greatly improved for a long time in the future, you can choose a lower output model, such as HP-4N, which has four filling heads, and the output is 1800 bottoms/hour. If the investment is large and the market is not worried, we can choose the model with large output. At present, the largest model we have ever made is the HP-16N, which has 16 filling heads, and the output can reach 4800 bottoms/hour.

Next, let me take you to know about the production line of bottled water. First, the bottle infeeder arranges the bottles into a row and enters the conveyor belt. When the bottles arrive below the filling head, the conveyor belt stops, and the filling head drops and fills. After the filling is completed, the conveyor belt starts and sends the bottles to the capping machine. The capping machine uses a vibrating disc to sort out the caps one by one, then places them at the bottle mouth, and then screw the caps tightly through the capping machine. Finally, the conveyor belt sends the bottles to the labeling machine for labeling. This is the whole production process of bottled water.


The above is the bottle water packaging plan I shared today. Every two weeks, I will share a product packaging plan or industry information. If you have any questions or want to know what product packaging plan next time, you can leave a message below to interact. I will choose the product packaging plan that most people are curious about to share. See you next time.


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