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Film Package plan

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Film Package plan

In our daily life, we can often see all kinds of film packaging, such as electronic product boxes, cosmetics and so on. Today, we will share a project about film packaging.

First of all, we need to measure the size of our products, and then tell the manufacturer of this size, and they will recommend you a suitable machine based on this size.

Generally speaking, the machines are divided into fully automatic machines and semi-automatic machines. Shrink packaging machines also have these two types. Next, let me introduce the detailed workflow of these two machines to you.

1. Two in one semi-automatic shrink packer: BFS-5540

This semi-automatic machine is equipped with an operating platform and a shrinking tunnel. When we turn on the power supply, the first thing to do is to increase the sealing temperature and shrinking temperature of the machine through the temperature controller. Generally, it should be adjusted to 220 ℃. It will takes about 10 minutes for the temperature to rise to the preset value. During this time, we can sort out our products to ensure the next efficient work. After the temperature reaches the preset value, put the product into our folded film, and pull the film out of the roller until the product can be put into the shrinking tunnel (Ps: Please don't stick the product tightly to the seal, it should leave a proper distance, so that the packaged product will be more beautiful). Next, we just need to press down the cover of the shrinking tunnel , and the machine will automatically complete the sealing and shrinking. During this period, we do not need to press the cover all the time, because the machine uses a magnetic suction system, and it can hold the cover firmly by itself, so that it will not open when shrinking the product. In addition, it should be noted that each time the machine is sealed, the real-time temperature on the temperature controller will drop, but this will not affect the use of the machine. Please do not worry.

2. Edge sealing machine: BSL-450

BSL-450 is a fully automatic shrink packaging machine, which is composed of two parts, the first half of which is composed of a conveyor and a seal . The second half is the shrinking tunnel. When we turn on the power, the first thing to do is to increase the sealing temperature of the machine and the temperature of the shrinking tunnel through the temperature controller. After the temperature reaches the preset value, we just need to put the product on the conveyor, and the machine will automatically send the product into the film and seal it, and then send the product into the shrinking tunnel .

In contrast, BFS-5540 has the advantage of low price but low output, while BSL-450 has high output and high price. Customers can choose the right machine according to their own conditions.

The above is the film packaging plan we will share today. If you have any questions or want to know what product packaging plan next time, you can leave a message below to interact. I will choose the product packaging plan that most people are curious about to share. See you next time.    


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