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Yogurt packaging plan

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Yogurt packaging plan

Yogurt is a very popular product in the market of various countries. Today I will share an article on the packaging scheme of yogurt.

To package yogurt, we first need to determine the capacity of the product. A yogurt product generally has two different capacities for customers to choose from. After determining the two capacities, we can find a cup manufacturer to order the production of the cup. At this time, we need to determine the style of the cup. The cup manufacturer will have its own sample book for you to choose from, but you can also make your own Design the appearance of the cup, and then ask them to produce it for you. The MOQ is generally 100,000 pieces. Please note that when designing your own cups, you cannot make the brim too narrow, otherwise it will be detrimental to future production, and cups with different capacities must have the same diameter of the cup mouth, because then you can use one machine to pack two cups of capacity .This will greatly reduce your production costs

After determining the style of the cup, you can take the cup samples of two capacities to find the packaging machine manufacturer to customize the machine. When choosing a machine, you need to determine your current production volume. You need to determine your current sales volume. If you feel that you are just starting out, your sales volume is not high, and there will be no significant improvement for a long time in the future, you can choose a model with a lower output, such as BG32A, the output of this machine is 1600cups/hour. If you have a large investment and don’t worry about sales, you can choose a model with a larger output. The largest model we have ever made is BG60A-16lines, and its output can reach 12800cups/hour.

Next, let's introduce the function of the automatic plastic cup filling and sealing machine. First of all, this machine has the function of automatic cup drop. You only need to stack the cups and put them on the cup holder of the machine, and it will separate the cups one by one and put them on the stainless steel conveyor belt when the machine is running. You can add an option here: automatic cup washing, automatic cup washing can rinse the fine dust in your cup with clean water to improve the food grade of the product . After that, the cups will pass through the filling system through the conveyor belt, the yogurt will be filled into the cups, and then passed through the ultraviolet sterilization system and the sealing system, and finally the production of the yogurt is completed. In the cup out part of the machine, you can add an option: product export conveyor belt, it will use the conveyor belt at the cup outlet to transport the cups to the cup organizer, which is convenient for workers to pack .


The above is the yogurt packaging plan I shared today. And I will share a product packaging plan or industry information every two weeks. If you have any questions or want to know the packaging scheme of a product next time, you can leave a message below to interact. I will choose product packaging solutions that most people are curious about to share, see you next time.


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